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Only One Thing Stands between Thinking About It and Getting it Done...

I heard someone say the other day the only thing that stands between thinking about doing it and getting it done is doing it.

Procrastination is easy, and I have a black belt in it. For example, over the years I've always said to myself "one of these days I'm going to get me a website." That day came when I finally bit the bullet, decided I'd start a photography website, and also blog about what I learn (and photography related stuff that interests me) so that maybe someone else can learn too.

When I began to search for domain names I found that all the normal ways of using my name, and my name + "photo" or "photography" .com were already grabbed up (albeit by much better photographers). So I'm stuck with ScottDASHCook. My bride is an artist, and the offspring is getting into photography, so after learning three things:

  1. Domains are cheap; and,
  2. Groovy names go fast; and,
  3. If you snooze you lose.

I decided to go ahead and get other domains in standby in the event we do a website as a family (and yes, all the good ones were already taken, but one was for sale for $4,000).

And yet another example: I put off shooting because, as I said, I'm a black belt in procrastination. I'll tell myself the light/sky/whatever will be better tomorrow, I don't feel like dealing with traffic, nothing interesting to shoot and so forth. But my best excuse to date is that I had to re-certify my paramedic certification. That's 140 hours of learning and testing right there. Now I don't have time to shoot because I have to get that done ASAP.

Why do I need to get done ASAP?

It expires at the end of October and I procrastinated... 

I have to stop. 

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